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Experience a new way to shop premium plant medicine in our new HiLux dispensary in Lower Lake, CA. Bright and airy, open and inviting, elevated and informed. It’s everything you’ve wanted in a local cannabis dispensary experience, and none of the outdated stigmas once feared. Shop in-person for tailored suggestions or online for fast and convenient checkout. We’re thrilled to offer a sophisticated yet accessible way to shop for plant medicine in Lake County.

HiLux is where you’ll find the Hi you crave.

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HiLux features new products each month to widen your horizons and open the door to new experiences. We know it can be challenging to try new things. Start by choosing a type of product to explore.

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Every day, science provides more insight into the unique benefits and characteristics of cannabis. With so much information yet such limited access, we have created a reliable resource for our visitors. Discover more about cannabis, methods of consumption and how to approach your first experience.

Where rich historic beauty meets clean modern innovation

Lower Lake, California, has long been home to pristine natural preserves, precious wildlife and a small but mighty community of people. HiLux was founded with the intention of contributing to the natural beauty and culture with every detail. HiLux is designed to incorporate the old-world textures of the neighboring historic district just two blocks away, while adding modern accents for a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.

HiLux Cannabis Dispensary is the perfect combination of the old world and new. Read more about HiLux and our Lower Lake dispensary.

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HiLux has created its own elevated brand of cannabis products to further its mission to make premium cannabis accessible to everyone in California. We are committed to the continued development of HiLux cannabis flower, pre-rolls, edibles and concentrates, and we proudly distribute to California dispensaries and retail businesses.

There is no greater feeling than sharing joy. Let’s work together to bring quality cannabis to every California community.

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